today i saw an old friend we are both aging now
our bodies no longer working as they once did … not well at all really
i heard about her terrible accident how badly she was mangled
she had a broken leg and broken arm a crushed jaw cheeks and teeth 
when it occurred she was the first of four cars hit head on 
i asked was it a drunk she said no
she had been very angry with the driver for good reason
the driver had not been drunk but caused the accident through negligence
it was as bad as a drunk she was hit by someone in a diabetic coma
legally the perpetrator was meant to test her blood before driving
she chose not to do so after coming out of a movie theater
now three years later my friend said that she is beginning to loose her anger
i am glad that the drivers insurance took care of everything for her
i am saddened for her we had lost touch and had not known
it was good to see her we shared good beer and poor to fair food
tomorrow evening she will take my opera ticket and go with my husband
i love the opera and have missed our season tickets as i am ill
i am sick by this but i am glad she can go
seeing her was wonderful reminiscing about old times when she lived here
funny she lived here a short time compared to lincoln nebraska
she has lived there seventeen years it is her home
she will return monday to begin her summer adventures
we promised not to lose touch again i don’t think that we will
that thought has something to do with aging and the need to keep ties