Aleph … Tackle It Tuesday

Aleph – prompt for Tackle It Tuesday

Aleph – a novel by Paul Coelho that shares with its reader deep spiritual mystery and change.  This does sound a very interesting book.  It is a book to put upon my “to read” list.  Unfortunately, due to illness, my great love of reading has been significantly side tracked by an inability to concentrate.   Perhaps that is why I have been studying and reading haiku since February … in itself a spiritual enterprise.

According to Chevrefeuille  “Aleph means “the number that contains all numbers,” but in this story it represents a mystical voyage wherein two people experience a spiritual unleashing that has a profound impact on their present lives.

I cannot possibly write about this book as I have not read it.  But I have had two significant spiritual experiences within my lifetime.  One at the age of twenty seven years.  I had another not terribly long ago at the age of fifty nine years.  Both were life changing.  The last experience took me to a place where I fully understood that “we were all one.” The first manifestation of this took place in China in the spring of 2006.

I was in Xian a small city of then seven million people. It was Saturday night and everyone was out on the street shopping, singing, having a grand time.  I came upon a group of protesters.  They looked dejected and miserable.  There were several hundred sitting upon the steps of the department store in which they worked.  In front of them was a large banner that showed a man having been beaten and bloody.  I did not immediately know what this was about and looked for someone who spoke English.  After several tries I found someone who informed us that this was a protest about the way workers were treated.  The banner of the bloodied man was merely an example.

Upon being told what this was all about … without a thought I ran up to the persons in this demonstration clapping wildly and yelling over and over … YES …YES!  I did this for several minutes going from one end of the line to the other.  Suddenly they each stood up and started clapping in unison with me and their dejection was replaced by energetic smiles.  It truly was as if we were “one” in that brief moment.  So, my haiku is in the spirit of “we are all one.”  And, this was not easy.  My kigo is “new tea.”  The idea is that new tea taken together makes us all one.


new tea with strangers

like an aleph sun shining

we are now family

For Tackle It Tuesday