NaHaiWriMo … May 30th prompt: Write a haiku from the work of others.

This is a poem by a friend whose blog (by Blogger) is titled: “STARDREAMIG With Sherry Blue Sky. It can be found HERE. She is deeply spiritual, committed and filled with compassion. She has an enviable connection to nature. I only say enviable because I have been ill for some good bit and this has curtailed my time out of doors. She has a deep spirit. Today’s prompt for NaHaiWriMo is to take a piece of writing from another author and extract from it a haiku for myself. I think that this is a terribly clever haiku prompt.

Sherry’s wonderful poem represents her style, her tone and her spirit well. She is a woman who has known difficulty but one who lives with grace and optimism … one for whom I have significant respect and fondness. She hangs on to faith no matter what. She is a women who is no BS, who is loyal, who sets a fine example for women everywhere. Her poem is followed by my haiku … patterned after her poem.

“A Day Graced By Doves”

God sent me a morning
bathed in sunlight,
horse in the pasture,
wash on the line.

God sent me a morning
graced by doves,
with everything golden.
I’ll make it mine.

I’ll wrap it around me
to keep me safe,
to comfort and hold
my inner waif.

I’ll breathe it in,
till the day is done,
then God will send me
another one.

My Haiku:
summer dew doves grace the morning – spirit birds