March 2nd 2012 … Haiku prompt “old stuff.”

I love old stuff. While contemplating this prompt I discovered a discussion at a Noh Theatre site on the “Trivia of Noh.” This “Trivia of Noh” is aimed at and beloved by those Japanese (and there are many according to the site) who have never attended a Noh Theatre or a Noh Play even though it is classic Japanese stage art. There are many questions of interest and each comes with background so that the trivia question might be understood by those of us not versed in the ancient Noh tradition. This photo is from Wiki

This first Haiku was written before having done any reading:

noh play today – costumes in need of repair

I found Trivia question 2 to be fascinating, you can find the site here. Stated simply the question asked: “Noh or Kyogen which is older?” The most basic of explanation states that “Noh Theatre played to the nobles” and that “Kyogen which originated in China as Sarugaku was a form of street theatre playing to the common people.” After some time Sarugaku became known as Kyogen in Japan. Although originating from different roots according to my understanding they come from the same period of time in history. So I wrote two haiku following my readings.

children laughing – kyogen stories

dark clouds thunder storms – a noh play