NaHaiWriMo … Day Twenty

sea’s vastness – eclipsed only by pelican’s wingspan at lift off

I find this photo to be exquisite within it’s vastness. Please delight yourself today and visit Reena Walking’s Blog. This is one of her magnificent photos and can be found here.

The photo is linked to Brian Millers article at dVerse Poet’s Pub and is the prompt for today’s Haiku.

Whoops … I am too late. Mr Linky went to bed!

NaHaiWriMo … Days Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen

Catching up … as I started late … inspired by 3 different birds at my beloved OBX.

cloudless blue high wind-drift currents – gull soars mightily

low row line dipping skimming breakfast catch beaks full – digestion

foamed sea movement at the speed of light – hermit crabs running