feel it

Yesterday was such a joyful day for me, my was heart full all day. I am so lucky, so blessed by others, others who truly care and go out of their way to let you know. They take the time to step outside of themselves and express care for you. Is there anything more important than caring for others and being able to express that caring?

I have not always felt deeply. I had to get out of my own hell to do that. But I was apparently quite determined to get out of that hell (long ago) and to feel deeply. Feeling deeply is about others, it is not about you. Feeling deeply is the capacity to feel the pain of others and then (because you care) to act upon it.

I have run into wonderful people, artists and poets who have the capacity to feel deeply, as expressed clearly in their work. In many ways their collective caring is a testament to man/womankind. Our prompt today at deVerse Poets “Poetics.” was from Brian and SueAnn. SueAnn’s art is very moving, it is filled with joy. Brian’s work is moving as you all know. The prompt today comes from him and it is to chose one of SueAnn’s paintings. I chose the one below that I find to be exquisite. However, I read Brian’s poem before doing any writing on the prompt – SO – this is kind of a mixed or double prompt of Brian’s poem and SueAnn’s art. We are at deVerse Poets today, Through The Artist’s Lense with wonderful artwork to choose from all created by SueAnn at SueAnn’s Journey. Please visit her work it is a real joy and will bring you joy.

one more step along the way to anywhere
each step today a giant step for mankind

thank you john glen i am not really stealing your words
you noticed didn’t you that I said anywhere not nowhere

there is such power in words
after reading today the terrible words the ugly words

of brians poem words that made me grit my teeth
but good and true words real art of depth

words and art words are art words that make you feel
art that makes you feel like sueanns art gave me a wow feeling

i am going to switch the subject here a bit
dont skip a beat just follow what i say

feeling is the most important thing that you can do
i say that like an ultimatum and i mean it

i call it feeling deeply something we are taught not to do
we are taught the opposite which is not to feel at all

some feel but it is not enough you must feel deeply
feeling deeply is what many artists and poets do

you know when you read their poems or see their paintings
you know because they evoke within pain or joy or ecstasy

feeling deeply is what we each wish to do
but yeah but it takes willingness vulnerability

feeling deeply will give you empathy and deepen your work
whether with a computer a brush or paint or quill

you can go anywhere when you feel deeply
if you have allowed yourself to feel deeply

it doesn’t hurt again for you have gone somewhere with another
in their pain out of your own step by step with them

holding a strangers hand holding their pain
you no longer have any and you are free

you are free your words are free your paintings are free
your work comes from your soul now

now it will touch the world and reach hearts
now it will make a difference its a good thing

martha stewart i am not stealing your words either
so feel feel deeply touch the heart of another

it lightens the load for you for the other
really its nothing but a baby step each day

one more step along the way to somewhere
each step you take today a giant step for mankind because you feel it