Not Yet There

OK – I really am getting in to the swing of things. I am also realizing that my feelings of isolation are in great part my own doing. I miss everyone here with whom I interact. Yup – I really do! This is a photo taken directly after Emmy’s graduation and a good place for me to start my blog again. It gets me back into the game. My family lives in Indianapolis, we were not able to attend. We live in St Louis. David is going up this weekend for the party Beth (her mother – my daughter) is giving. I do love this photo, from left to right: David my son in law, Emmy in graduation garb, Beth my daughter and Abby the youngest grandchild.


I am currently working on a post about the move and the new place! That will be next.

Magpie Tales # 129

Sargent, John Singer, A Dinner Table at Night, 1884 – The Mag’s 129th


Dinner done I felt sated.  The glow of the red lamps reminded me there was more to come.

How I longed to settle down.  Oh, how I wished that this was my own dining room and that my beloved and I would arise from the table to take a relaxing drink in the library.  But my library would not have red walls, they would possess the calmness of blue.  And my beloved dead of tuberculosis these many years would be dressed in an artist’s bohemian attire, not stern, cold black.

My dining partner arose signaling that my work for the night had just begun.


smoldering heat

reddish light bordello

a nights work ahead

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NaHaiWriMo Haiku Prompt for May 15 … Rose

The word rose is being used to represent the heart chakra … it is also a summer Kigo or season word. I think that I have read somewhere that one should only use one kilo in a haiku. I think. Of course that is not particularly helpful since I don’t know.

climbing rose vine – soft red petal pathway