NaHaiWriMo May 31st prompt … smell or taste.

The final prompt for the month of May is for me the most difficult. It is “smell or taste.” Some few years ago I stated that I would rather loose my left arm than loose my sense of smell. I was looking forward to a third career/hobby in natural perfumery. Smell is to me the most important sense. Ones sense of smell is tied to emotional memory among other things. I lost my sense of smell for the first time in 2010. Today greatly diminished my sense of smell is all too often non-existent, as a result of illness. I have become very angry about this. I realize that this is not a logical response … it non-the less is currently mine. Seasonal kigo mid-summer rain.

mid summer rain permeates the earth with freshness – for others

NaHaiWriMo – May 6th prompt: the Sea and Magpie Tales


Haiku – for NaHaiWriMo

barefoot in the sea – hermit crab tickles my foot


Gogyohshi – for Magpie Tales

serene and scenic the river is peaceful

i dangle my toes into the water’s coolness

i know that today is for thinking of peace

i wonder

will there ever be peace in sudan

Photo of Stainforth River by Irwell prompt for Magpie Tales