13 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo – May 12th prompt: sunshine haiga.

  1. Oh, Liz. There is peace in this post.

    What an eye you have for getting these shots and the haiku is lovely. Thanks for posting both.

    I can feel the cool of the water, hear the buzz of the mosquitoes.

    Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful Mother’s Day.


    • Well … Let me see. I must have hit a wrong button and hidden this one. And I have tried WP now and I DON”T LIKE IT AT ALL. So, I will keep this blog, but I just went over to Raven’s Press and without looking I “deleted her! Yup, just like that. But I have gone back to Blogger and reopened my original: Crow’s Fete. And I will go back and write there, but for now I am engaged in haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry. Hugs … Ravenblack.

    • Thank you … actually they came immediately after the sunset and we hightailed it out of there. We will go again this summer … I have missed the OBX terribly.

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