Occupy Blogosphere Thursday September 12th 2012 – Sometimes


When seeking knowledge and/or wisdom please remember that you have your own wisdom specific to you.  If that wisdom is not coming through, all you need to do is to move a millionth of a degree in how you observe things and that wisdom will come through to you.
This wisdom may well be given through another.  When you hear the words of that other speaking, you may hear a litany of wisdom, things you know to be inherently true … but it may feel too big for you.  Please understand that one of two things is happening.  One, all of that wisdom is meant for you and you are meant only to act upon pieces of it at one time.  Or, only pieces of it are meant for you.  You will know exactly what pieces are meant for you.  Those pieces that touch your heart are the pieces of wisdom upon which you are meant to act.  If you are having difficulty knowing simply ask the divine spirit “which pieces?”
The heart always knows.  The heart will always choose love for that is what the heart is made of and that is the focus and expression of the heart.  The heart knows where to go.  It knows no confusion.  The intellect is different.  It does know confusion partially because it deals in facts and there are so many facts out there.  So let me say to you that when seeking knowledge and wisdom … put aside the intellect when you listen and listen only with your heart … your heart will hear exactly what it is meant to hear.
It you are searching because you wish for change in your life, the change will come when you act upon the wisdom given to you.  This is because you have the power and now the knowledge to change.  All change is done through loving change within one’s own heart.
Thus when you are willing to change how you see things within your live (by just a millionth of a degree) you will see things differently and you will be able to change from within … changing the world itself through the power of your love which is divine.
This is how people together can change the world … the world that appears to be unchangeable.  When many people know this and work to change the world through love, divine love, loving prayer together, change happens.
From 5thDimension EnergyPhoto Credit:Connected to Occupy Blogospere – Soul Dipper

16 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere Thursday September 12th 2012 – Sometimes

  1. “Soul Dipper cannot penetrate the captcha due to an old computer. She asked via email that this comment be added: Raven, I have "Divinity Bumps"! The Love that comes through reaches right into my soul. I feel I've just sat on the lap of the Divine. Thank you so much for this.”

  2. Amy, I haven't used this blog for some time. And, new formatting hit me the last time you commented/could't comment … so I could not fix the problem. I could not navigate the system yet. Now I believe that I have fixed it. 😉

  3. Brian, thank you. I haven't written since mid August. This is OK. I also did not plan on writing this but it was in response to Amy's Thursday Blogosphere. Ha! Couldn't help it. It has bee a time of great learning … I also haven't been reading – so thank you for your supportive visits.

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