Sunday Trees – October 7th 2012

It is quite lovely to start one’s day off thinking of trees. I take tree photos when out and about and then stash them for Sundays. And then I forget all about them. Now I shall go looking for a tree, one made especially for today, a bright sunny crisp fall day. I took this last spring as we perused the Japanese Garden, a place we both love dearly. You know the saying “women hold up half the sky?” This tree possessed that sort of strength to me. I thought that it would make a good “Sunday Tree” for that reason. Look close and you will see all of the new growth, fingers holding up the sky. Isn’t she lovely?

Japanese Black Pine – Missouri Botanical Garden

11 thoughts on “Sunday Trees – October 7th 2012

    • Thanks you Mel. We went there today. However instead of spending time in the Japanese Garden we spent the afternoon in the Chinese Garden. It was a delight.

  1. FYI: For some reason some of you comments are going into spam. I just hit the delete button when I realized that there was a comment from you in the mix. Sorry! I wasn’t fast enough … 😦

    Thank you for the comment though. Hugs!

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